The Gift of Good Health

Smiling girl with strawberries near the refrigerator


So, I believe at this point it is common knowledge that the best gift, the longest lasting gift we can give ourselves and others for that matter is the gift of good health.


It seems as if more than ever before…

we have all the information needed to live a life that is healthy and whole. Why is it then that obesity and weight gain is more prevalent the ever before? It is truly a very sad reality that just cannot be ignored any longer. As I look around me, I see friends and family that are wrought with excess weight. I’m confident it’s not a matter of not knowing that they carry extra weight but the internal struggle and dialog that keeps them tied down. Food is all around us in every nook and cranny of our lives. Have you ever gone to the furniture store to enjoy tea time? Most likely the answer is “No” and yet, we walk in to the furniture store and there on the counter is a plate of chocolate chip cookies so, what do we do? We reach for one or two or three depending on how long we are there? This is all to common and is one example of how yummy treats are before us all the time.It becomes a thoughtless pattern to partake because we see it.

Certainly we cannot just stop eating

That’s not an option in the same way someone can decide to stop drinking or stop smoking. Therefore, we eat and console and entertain…with food. There must be another way. The rule of thumb is that 80% of the weight loss battles comes from dealing with the food you eat and 20% from exercise. Therefore, that’s the first course of action. To deal with what we put in our mouths. As I heard it said, “You can’t out run your fork.”

So, what is a person to do?

Sometimes you have to get extra help. I found a product called Meratol that allows you to eat the same foods but not in the same quantities! That’s the key. Not so much! However, it is also about eating healthy, fresh and local foods. Lots of vegetables and fruits that give the nutrition that we need to feel more satiated and full.

How about exercise?

Well, it used to be touted that the best way to lose weight was to walk for an hour, do aerobics for an hour, run for an hour AND bike for an hour ;) What we are finding now is that if we walk for fun or to walk the dogs, if we go for a leisurely bike ride with the family and enjoy each other’s company or go for a swim on a hot summer day and then maybe lift some heavy things 3 times a week, then we will find the healthy body we are looking for as well as the healthy mind and soul! The fresh air feels good on our faces and cleans out our lungs. Refreshes us.

And let’s not forget good fresh water!

Lots of it. I like to drink about a gallon a day of room temperature filtered water. I have a green, quart sized mason jar sitting next to me all day to help me finish all of my water. It helps!! I can usually consume at least 1 full gallon of water a day.  This helps so amazingly to keep your appetite at bay and also to rid your body of toxins.  It may not be fancy, but it does seem to work!

Good Luck on your journey to good health!



Give Gifts, All Sorts


4 Unusual Gifts

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

Here is a unique gift idea that can be a lot of fun and tasty too. Everyone knows that tequila goes great with lime and salt so why not serve it in a salt shot glass?! Great idea, huh?!

Ducks for Women

So, here’s something I’m guessing most of us don’t know. There is a town in India that won’t allow women to eat chicken eggs lest they “arouse passion” in the women and children so they are missing the important and affordable nutrition the eggs provide. Luckily the ban does not include duck eggs so giving the gift of ducks provides much needed nutrition.

Good Morning Snore Solution

Having difficulty sleeping is no laughing matter nor is it anything to take lightly. So many people struggle with such a small amount of sleep and it effects them in every area of their life. A lack of sleep can cause a decrease in productivity and it can cause serious health issues as well as cause a breakdown in the ability to function properly within relationships with family and friends. Finding a healthy and effective snoring solution is extremely important! Thus, the creation of Good Morning Snore Solution is extremely helpful! It is a small, soft plastic device that suctions to the end of the tongue causing it to move forward in the mouth which also causes the back of the throat to open up leaving more space for air to flow. This may seem like an “unusual” gift, but what better gift to give then the gift of sleep and health?

Peace Oil

Here is a product of peace. There are countries fighting for a place in this world and it turns out that neighbors, friends, even family can get caught up in it all. This oil is the result of saying “no” I won’t be a part of the fight but rather I choose to work together to create a product that can nourish us all.

There truly is something for everyone! It’s just a matter of considering your audience and taking the time to figure out what they not only may want, but perhaps something they need and wouldn’t get for themselves. I hope this will get you thinking creatively about what can be a great gift.